Dress & Conduct Code

Code of Conduct

You have made a commitment to continue your education in the Sixth Form at Arnold Hill Academy. This involves obligations for both the Academy and for you.

  • The Sixth Form Learning Agreement can be viewed here.
  • The Sixth Form Attendance Protocol can be viewed here.
  • The Sixth Form Student Handbook can be viewed here.


First impressions are important and appearance generally reflects the attitude of a student.

There is no uniform in the Sixth Form but students should remember that it is a working environment and dress in a way that does not detract from this. The expectation is that students dress smartly and wear appropriate clothes for school.

The following are not permitted:

  • Very short skirts/shorts, low-cut tops, tops which result in bare midriffs, muscle vests, excessive quantities of jewellery and garments with offensive slogans/messages/logos.
  • Any headwear, with the exception of that worn for religious or cultural reasons should be removed inside the classroom.
  • Students who work in specialist rooms, such as the science laboratories and technology workshops, must also ensure they adhere to the additional guidelines for these areas to ensure they are safe.
  • Any body piercing and tattoos must not be visible and must be covered.


Mobile Phones and Lanyards

  • Mobile phones are not permitted and will be confiscated if they are seen around school or in class. Students may use them for essential communication in the Sixth Form Centre only.
  • All Sixth Form students are required to wear their identity lanyard badges at all times when on site. This is a strict safeguarding requirement.