Ethos & Values

Our Academy motto is ‘Be inspired and achieve together’.

Our vision is for students and staff at our academy to be inspired by what they and others do at Arnold Hill and for everyone to achieve the very highest standards.  We strive to build student character to improve and maximise the life chances of students.  We are determined that all students are well prepared to succeed and prosper as they move through our academy and into further education, employment or training. This in turn, supports positive wellbeing and equips students with the skills and knowledge they need.

We expect all students to be set ambitious goals and receive the right support and intervention to become resilient individuals who will achieve their maximum potential and be fully prepared for life beyond Arnold Hill.

The values and beliefs forming the ethos at Arnold Hill Spencer Academy are based on the principle of respect, which is a fundamental British Value.  We expect all stakeholders to demonstrate respect for others, for learning, for themselves and for the Academy.  We believe that high quality teaching and relationships are based on respect, this underpins positive attitudes to learning in the classrooms and our wider surroundings. We are committed to getting to know our students and developing the highest quality interpersonal relationships. We are also committed to managing student conduct in an emotionally literate way and seeking, where possible, to provide students with opportunities to get things right and make amends.

Our positive approach is also fundamentally important in developing a sense of positive identity with our academy and the wider community; a sense of belonging and a real sense of ‘being proud to belong’.