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Results Days 2023

Under the current Government guidelines the results days for 2023 are:

  • Thursday 17 August: A Levels and other Level 3 qualifications
  • Thursday 24 August: GCSEs


6th Form Mock Exams Timetable

The timetable for mock examinations in March 2023 can be viewed/downloaded here.

Summer 2023 Exams Timetable

The timetable for examinations in summer 2023 can be viewed/downloaded here.


Post-Results Services (PRS): Deadlines, Fees and Charges

Information from the JCQ PRS publication summarising the post-results services offered by the JCQ member awarding bodies can be found here.

Who can submit  a request for a review?

Appeals for internal candidates must be submitted by the head of centre. A head of centre can appeal against the outcome of a clerical re-check, a review of marking or a review of moderation.

When providing their consent to a clerical re-check or review of marking, a candidate also confirms that they understand that the outcome of any subsequent appeal might be that their final subject grade and/or mark may be lower than, higher than, or stay the same as the result which was originally awarded.

Please note that internal candidates and/or their parents/carers are not entitled to appeal directly to the awarding body. Representations must be made to the head of centre where the candidate was entered or registered. The head of centre’s decision as to whether to proceed with an appeal is subject to the centre’s internal appeals arrangements.

What is a marking or moderation error?

‘A Marking Error is defined as the awarding of a mark which could not reasonably have been awarded given the evidence generated by the Learner, the criteria against which Learners’ performance is differentiated and any procedures of the awarding organisation in relation to marking, including in particular where the awarding of a mark is based on ‘A Moderation Error is defined as a moderation outcome which could not reasonably have been arrived at given the evidence generated by Learners which was considered for the purpose of Moderation, the centre’s marking of that evidence, the criteria against which Learners’ performance is differentiated and any procedure of the awarding  organisation in relation to moderation, including in particular where the outcome of moderation is based on –

  • an administrative error;
  • a failure to apply such criteria and procedures to the evidence generated by the Learner(s) where that failure did not involve the exercise of academic judgment; or
  • an unreasonable exercise of academic judgment’.

Guidance regarding how to request a review will be available on results day.


Revision Tips and Guidance

The exam season is approaching fast and we would like to share some resources that are available for students and parents to support preparation and reduce anxiety.

Year 11 Exam Guidance

Exam Guidance 2022 – Letter to parents 

Coping with Exam Pressure – A Guide for Students


Resources for Managing Test-Related Anxiety


KS4 Google  Page – Revision Tips

Additional guidance is being made available by subject teams to assist students with their preparations for the summer exams via our Year 11 Google Page

The aim of the provision is to provide key information, hints and tips with regards to:

  • Exam requirements
  • Coursework and practical exam dates
  • Home learning outline and description of links to supporting success e.g. exam question based, coursework completion
  • Important revision tips
  • Support with using online revision resources


Additional Resources


Exam Policies and Procedures


Guide to CATs

For more information about CATs, please see this document.


Lost Results/Certificates

If you have lost your results within the last five years we can send you a copy of those results. We cannot help you with certificates; these are only produced by the exam boards and you will need to approach them directly. If your results span a period of five years or more, you must contact the exam boards directly.

If you can no longer remember which exam board your subjects were with, you should check whether a friend from school has their results, and ask them who their subjects were with as we do not hold that information. Follow this guideline here: https://www.gov.uk/replacement-exam-certificate/if-your-old-exam-board-no-longer-exists

Once you know which boards to contact then please follow the links below:


Please remember this is not a free service and each exam board will charge you for obtaining this information.

Miss Tooms

(Exams Officer)