Blended Learning at Arnold Hill Academy

Blended Learning Aims:

  • To ensure the continuation of education for all students
  • Connect and enhance classroom learning
  • Ambitious in content and delivery

Blended Learning Expectations:

  • All lesson content to be available on Satchel One – this will look different in each subject. Students should be able to complete this work independently when at home
  • The amount of lessons provided is the same as a normal timetable
  • All blended learning tasks should be clearly labelled ‘classwork’
  • Students to have teacher feedback in a timely manner
  • If vocational students are not in school due to public health guidelines when an assignment is set, teachers must ensure that this information is delivered to students via Teams
  • If vocational students have started/are completing an assessment and are unable to attend school following public health guidelines, the assessment date will be reviewed by their teacher and LIV
  • Any vocational assessments due to be submitted during a time when a student is unable to attend school following public health guidelines, this can be submitted via email or One Drive
  • Assessment Forms to be completed by students in person when they return to school

 Whole Year Group or Whole Classes Isolation

  • Timetable lessons should be followed and delivered on teams
  • If class number exceeds 20, the class should be split into two groups to have 25 minute lessons