Celebrating Success – Scholars Programme with the Brilliant Club

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following students on the completion of their Scholars Programme.

Ashton Beacroft, Nathaniel Woodward, Emily Wedgwood, Mercedes Wheeler Downey-Wright, Malaika Aleem, Husna Iqbal, Lucy Welbourn, Beatrice Kalinowska, Keira Pearson, Abi Distant, Dylan Clark, Tobias Tien.

This programme enabled selected students to study a challenging, super-curricular programme and experience university style learning, pitched one stage above their current Key Stage in school with the support of a PhD tutor. They were asked to submit an assignment on an unfamiliar subject, and this was assessed and graded at university level.

We are extremely proud of their effort and commitment to the programme, and their feedback and outcomes were very impressive.

Miss C Roberts and Mrs E Strawbridge