Enterprise Challenge

Last year students in two of our tutor groups took part in an Enterprise Challenge where the winning team got to keep the money that they raised and the rest was to be donated to charity. They arranged a variety of sports activities and supported younger members of the school with playing a selection of  ‘classic’ games during lunchtime PS2 sessions.

Due to lockdown and COVID regulations, the winning team had not managed to arrange anything to spend their money on so both groups decided to donate all of the money they had raised to the Arnold Foodbank.

Together they raised just over £60 and managed to buy plenty of items including; a variety of tinned foods, cereal, noodles, pasta, juice, long life milk, toothbrushes, toothpaste and much more.

Thanks to Helen at the foodbank for kindly collecting their donations.

Well done 11N and 11L, Miss Taylor and Mr Henderson are incredibly proud of you all!