Year 11 Bridging Project

Year 11 Bridging Project

The Academy has been developing a range of materials to support students who are going onto Arnold Hill 6th Form. During the month of June, the Academy will be publishing the Bridging Projects. This will ensure transition and preparation for the next stage in education. Whether you are choosing A levels, BTECs or another vocational qualification, you will be able to find a project or range of projects linking to your future education plans. The Google Site will be live from Monday 27th June. You can access the site using this link Year 11 Bridging Project

For those students who are staying or may be staying at Arnold Hill 6th Form to study A Levels and/or BTEC, you will have been invited to an induction day on Monday 27th June. You will be introduced to your Bridging Project and will find details on this Google Site; should you have any questions you will be able to email your induction tutor for each subject you attend on the induction day.

Each Bridging Project equates to approximately 4-6 hours of independent study for each subject

We hope that you all enjoy the Projects and wish you the very best in the next chapter of your studies.

Ms Dalton
Vice Principal