Remote Learning and Academy Closure

Remote Education at AHSA: Information for Students and Parents

Our Remote Learning policy can be viewed here.

Please click the button below to access information about the remote education provision offered by Arnold Hill Spencer Academy. This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to students, and parents or carers, about what to expect from remote education if the Academy is closed for any reason or if local restrictions require entire cohorts (or bubbles) of students to reman  at home.

Within the document you will also find useful links to our online learning platforms and parents’ evening booking system.




On Monday, 6th September, we introduced a new system called School Synergy. This new software offers a variety of features for students, parents and teachers. With School Synergy, school news and information specific to your child is shared with you in real time.

Messages sent through Synergy will allow you to view information about your child/ren in school. These messages will often include a secure link where you can view a more detailed message. A copy of all messages sent out to parents will also be available in the Communication section on the Parent portal to ensure that you never miss any messages.

In addition to the new way of contacting parents, School Synergy has also replaced Class Charts and Satchel One. Students log in to Synergy using their school email address and school computer password. If your child needs any support with logging in, please email:

Your School Synergy account will allow you to view your child’s attendance, positive and negative behaviours and detention details. During the academic year, we will be rolling out new features which will allow you to communicate directly with your child/ren’s teachers and access homework that has been set.

The School Synergy Parent Guide can be viewed here

More information can also be found in these handy videos for students and parents…